Wednesday, July 29, 2009

crackedpots was a blast

this was my second year at Crackedpots garden art show at Edgefield.  It was their 10 year anniversary and they had a great pile of gleanings from the dump for people to see and take home.  Other than that, I got to be in the same sweet shady little spot with the same gals as last year:  Brenda, Suzanne, Jill and Bonnie.  I didn't call or write much during my production time.
It was a great vacation for me.  As much as I understand how helpful technology can be in terms of self promotion and sales, I had gotten into this guilty mindset that I was failing as an artist cause I don't care if I have an audience for every moment of my life.  I realise this has everything to do with the time I was born into and who I am.  this is not a judgment against anyone who enjoys blogging, tweeting, texting, facebooking and on and's just that I don't have a natural attraction for any of these things.  So, I needed to get back to giving myself credit for making things and get into a work schedule and feel good about what I was doing before I could start selling online.  I feel so much better and so much more myself.  anyways, maybe I can use some of these things as tools and leave the rest alone.

more art

some art to view