Saturday, March 28, 2009

having a blog is like opening a box of dysfunctionality.  I need a better camera or I need to take better pictures of my art.  I just deleted my last post cause I thought...geez !  That piece is not know?  You can barely make out the whip of the lion tamer guy!  So, I'm going to fiddle with my camera, see how to get the flash not to go on....seriously!  Anyways, putting your efforts out in the public forum makes you have to consider your presentation!  yikes!  I sometimes (ahem....often) wear a clean t-shirt then sleep in it then wear it again!  So, maybe it's just a thing with me! But, to say for over five years,( like a waitress who spills hot coffee on your leg and says, "sorry it's my first day!"), that  you're working on that business card whenever anyone asks ...and to always use that blue masking tape to attach price tags or I'm just a tacky wacky blue tape kinda gal!  Is it wrong?  No!  But if you want to make even a partial
living at any consumer dependent trade then you simply have to consider and become a realist around the idea that a certain amount of people like some packaging around their product.
So, I know how to post now.  But I need better images....and I'll put the "to blue tape or not to blue tape" on the back burner for now.  your intentionally correct pal. j.j.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

non disturbate

non disturbate....nondisturbate....nondisturbate....this was her mantra of late....late late late in the night or early early early in the morning....her eyes glued open....because the memory ghosts would come non disturbate she'd repeat over and over until it slurred and melted into sleep.

Monday, March 23, 2009

 in the river of love in a boat made of ice ....ella and leroy have said their vows twice: "I'll try to be good and I'll try to be nice but leave me alone when I practice my vice!" 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

henry and his twin sister polly were left to their own devices. They were children in a time when
parents didn't worry about their children's whereabouts unless it was dinnertime or there were chores to do. henry and polly found a dime.  It was  a time when a dime meant a lot!  They thought about  getting a popcicle and splitting it but  settled on a bag of penny candy from the corner store. With that one magic dime they got two candy sticks, a pair of wax lips, a jawbreaker and 6 cinnamon bears.  They headed straight for the vacant lot.  It was like a wild meadow.  When deep into the thick of tall weeds and thatch their secret language started to flow. It was a tune that played in their heads as one and it had many many in syncopation, tempo, pitch and so on. It was loud then soft, fast and slow, sleepy and furious and so on according to their tandem moods.  Right now in the summer heated bug buzzing meadow in the middle of the block, the tune was a three quarter time hum...quite compatible with penny candy. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

pookie was my type

Pookie was keeping me together.  She chose me when she  was only a few inches.  The clutch went out on my old blue Vanagon at the bottom of a little windy road that led to a getaway house....a place to stay near the ocean ....a place to get away.
The little windy road was off of a straight short gravel road with a quarry on one dead end and trailer homes marching to  the other.  My friend and I walked towards the  trailers looking for help.  It was pretty deserted until the very last trailer.  Out came a stocky burly bearded little man trailed by two huge dogs looking to be Great Danes crossed with St Bernards or some such thing. His name was Al.  He walked back towards the van with us and his dogs.  "I smell a burnt out clutch "he said as we got nearer.  At that moment a tiny grey ball of fluff came out of nowhere.  It had piercing violet colored eyes and it squared off with Al's  dogs right away!  It was screaming continuously and fell in behind me!  "Don't look at it",said my friend knowing me full well.  "Just keep walking."  "Ok", I said .  But I looked back.  It's little legs were pumping to keep up and it was in full pursuit of me!  It's loud piercing kitten scream seemed to be saying,"get me out of this trailer park".  I asked Al if there was a mother kitten around and he said not that he knew but that folks dumped kittens off on this road quite regularly.  "Oh",
I said.  "Janet!", my friend said.  Well, so Al turned out to have a towing device and he towed us up the hill with his two ton truck. The little furball came with Galen and me to the cabin. Once we both picked her up and looked  into her violet eyes, it was all over!  "Mama! mama", she mewed loudly!  She knew she had a good thing and she wasn't letting us out of her sight! The kid was on a be continued.

I just set up this blog to display my art and to share my most precious inner thoughts. I don't know if the interweb is big enough to contain me but I'll give it a shot. We're not in Kansas anymore.